Saturday, December 13, 2008

MITSS and CarePages

In our most recent newsletter, you may have noticed that we had an announcement about MITSS and CarePages new partnership. We have done these to offer patients, families and clinicians a free, private web page to journal and share their experiences during a time when support maybe needed. At MITSS, we have come to appreciate the amazing healing power that comes with chronicling one's story. Setting up a CarePage is also a great way to share photos, news, and updates. A CarePage can be created and used at any stage of care, and it doesn’t have an end date. So,visit today and click on “Create” to start your own journal. In order to have the MITSS logo on your web page you must create through the above web page. Linda Kenney, the president of MITSS has created her own web page that chronicles her ankle replacement surgery and the subsequent infection. She will continue to update as she progresses and you can access her page by going to .

If you know anyone that may benefit from using this tool, please pass it along.

Let us know what you think.


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